This project was created by the HogeSchool Rotterdam when the corona virus had just hit the Netherlands. The goal with this project was to help students and teachers to improve the quality of their education that now had to be done online. This was my Q3 project for my 3rd year. This is also when Corona started to hit hard and everyone, including schools, had to go into lock down. Our education took it upon them to find a solution for this. Originally the assignment was to come up with an innovative design that would help the education I was doing at the time (Communication & Multimedia Design) but I felt that there were other educations that would have way more trouble doing their classes. So I did some research and came to the conclusion that within my University there was 1 that had the most problems, which was the Physiotherapy education.

My role was to have a pitch and a prototype ready at the end of the semester that would demonstrate how I would tackle the issue of having to work from home and how I would enhance the students (and teachers) with my design.

For this project I had to keep 2 target groups in mind, which were the teachers and the students. I had to do both 3D art as well as the interface design.