For my graduation project I was working at Gamious. Gamious is an entertainment game development studio. The end product I ended up making was made to help game development teams and studio's to increase the effectiveness of their onboarding within their game. TIP: if you are a Dutch company, I strongly urge you to read my thesis as that contains all the information. Gamious is a game studio located in Haarlem. At the time they were working on a new title, an RTS game. They came to the conclusion that this genre games had a rather outdated onboarding and made it rather difficult for younger players to get into this genre. For that reason they tasked me to create a solution to help this target group to more easily get into the game and enjoy the genre the same way they did. My role was to design something that would allow a new target group, who has not been raised with RTS as one of the main games they could play, to also get into RTS games and enjoy it. RTS games have an incredibly steep learning curve. During my research I noticed that after playing for 20 minutes most of the younger targetgroup players would quit the game due to not understanding the game and its core gameplay and it taking way too long. The younger generation is more used to quick play sessions as most RTS games take way longer. It was up to me to convert this data into a digital solution.