Skill and the software I use

Previous Experience

Work Experience

Ubisoft / Engine Software

  • 2022 / Active
@ Ubisoft / Engine software | Working as a UX and UI designer for a few games. I am responsible for improving users experiences across multiple platforms and also create UI assets. Further more I am also active as 3D modeler from time to time when needed.


  • 2020 / 2021
@ VVA | VVA is an independent IT agency. We will embark on the adventure together with housing corporations and healthcare institutions in their digital transition. We do this with a team of enthusiastic professionals who are experts at the intersection of organization and IT. Our services consist of 4 branches: INFORMATION, INNOVATIZATION, INTELLIGENT WORKFORCE and FRESH MANAGEMENT.


  • 2016 / Active
From time to time I take on some jobs on the side to earn an extra buck (only if I have the time and the project appeals to me).

Treplacon Studio

  • 2018 / Active
@ Treplacon Studio | Treplacon Studio is a game studio know for Bound Forest. Bound Forest is a young company with young and driven people excited to make amazing games

Who am I?

I'm a Pijnacker-based UX/UI designer, marketeer and game artist. That might sound like a weird combination at first but let me reasssure you that it is not. Through my marketing backgroun I have the skills to get a product or service noticed, both online and offline.

With my communication & multimedia design education I am also able to make the people who visit stay, by making the experience they get as suiting as possible. At last my game art sklls, these are completely self tought and allow me to make 3D models and graphics as well as amazin worlds to discover.